Vehicle & Asset Tracking Systems


Protecting You & Your Drivers!

Kwiktrak’s wide range of camera solutions from simple dash cams to full multi camera vehicle systems provides an option for all different needs. Our cameras all provide high quality imagery that could prove vital in the event of an accident and make your claim process much simpler.

Dash Cams

Within our Dash Cam range we use some of the most notable and successful brand names. We can provide both forward and rear facing cameras with options of tamperproof, lockable, hard wired or plug in and varying levels of storage.

Connected Cameras

Kwiktrak’s range of LiveWitness Connected Cameras with built-in Vehicle Tracking are designed with Ease of Use being the key factor.

Footage is uploaded automatically, with email alerts (including location) upon incident, as well as the ability to download footage remotely from the cameras memory to the Kwiktrak EraWeb tracking platform. This enables Fleet Managers to capture those critical ‘at the scene’ details of any incident.
With a choice of different “connected Cameras” Kwiktrak has a solution to meet your requirements.

  • HD 1080 Camera
  • Remote upload / retrieval of footage
  • Automatic ‘incident’ upload & email alerts
  • FNOL (First Notification of Loss
  • Loop recording – No full memory cards or formatting
  • Built-in tracking
  • Tamperproof memory
  • Extra Security
  • Driver Safety
  • Evidence for Insurance Claims
  • Encourage Safer Driving
  • EraWeb Tracking Platform
  • Free Tracking Apps
Cloud Connected cameras enable you to respond far quicker in the event of an incident, when compared to traditional dash cams where footage would need to be manually retrieved. They also remove the need for time consuming SD Card formatting, which if forgotten, can result in valuable footage not being recorded.

DVR Multi
System Cameras

These high-end products are the ultimate in having eyes in all directions. Up to 8 different cameras can include front, reverse, side or loading cameras or even driver facing cameras that can monitor tiredness. There is no information this range cannot provide you.

Specification Comparisons

Please note: The camera will record footage data onto the storage. When all the storage has been used the camera will automatically overwrite the oldest footage. Due to the fact that the vehicles drive for different amounts of time, we cannot advise with any certainty how many days of footage will be retained on the storage. The more cameras you add the greater the demand on the storage. 

Choose Kwiktrak

The Kwiktrak system allows the user to view, document and monitor any vehicle or asset at any given time.

GPS Tracking

Advanced Tech