Vehicle & Asset Tracking Systems

Advanced Technology

What Kwiktrak can do for you

Kwiktrak offers a wide range of additional technology that works seamlessly within our tracking platform to give Fleet Managers increased visibility of both driver and vehicle activities. Our range of products provide you both a more in depth analysis of the data but also an easy way to be legally compliant.

Driver ID

Kwiktrak’s Driver ID system allows drivers to be identified with the vehicle they drive. This has many benefits including being able to allocate motoring offences to the correct driver by knowing who was “scanned in” to what vehicle at what time.

Vehicle Check App

Our Vehicle Check App allows drivers to monitor and report and issues that may occur with their vehicle. This will then email the company with any issues raised and alert fleet managers if questions have been missed or a problem is repeatedly present.

Business Private Buttons

The Kwiktrak Business / Private Button solution offers both the company owner and driver reassurance that every business and private mile is being recorded in the system. HMRC make it the responsibility of the driver to record all private journeys – our solution will record these and mark them as private.

Tacho Remote Download

The managing of Tachograph downloads can be very time consuming. With our remote download option our technology simply does it by itself saving you both time and money. Even better the vehicle doesn’t have to be at your premises, it can be done whilst it’s still driving around.

Tacho Analysis

Our own Tacho Analysis software again creates a cost saving with who needs to employ a 3rd party to provide this facility. With our “all under one roof” solution, which gives access to our Tacho Analysis Portal, nothing could be simpler!

CANbus Integration

Modern vehicle are highly technical particularly when it comes to their electronics. The vehicles ECU’s use the Canbus network to transfer information between the other onboard electrical systems. Our technology can read the Canbus Data and provide highly accurate insights into things such as Actual Fuel Consumption, Cruise Control Deployment, Vehicle Revs & Throttle Usage percentage.

Sample Driver Behaviour

Here is a sample of just one of the Driver Behaviour Reports we can produce giving your drivers a simple efficiency rating. This creates good driving practices which in turn save your company money.

Driver Behaviour is standard on all “Essentials” packages.