Vehicle & Asset Tracking Systems

GPS Real Time Tracking Devices and Software

Fully integrated web based and client software

Kwiktrak Telematics platform allows complete visibility in real time across your vehicles and increases efficiency for any Fleet User or Individual.

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Benefits of Tracking

Reduction in
Fuel Costs
working hours
Real Time
vehicle security
Free Alerts Direct to your pc/tablet/mobile
speeding by
road alerts

We can Track anything!

Kwiktrak’s diverse range of tracking devices allow customers to track anything from fleets of Vans or HGV’s, to Sports & Prestige Cars, Motorhome’s, Boats, Motorcycles.

Tracking FAQs

The cost of any investment needs to be weighed against the potential benefits. A basic level of vehicle tracking can cost as little as a few pounds per vehicle a week and the savings in fuel alone can offset this, not to mention the potential savings on overtime, insurance and maintenance.

No business is too small that it can’t save on expenditure! But even if you are running one or two vehicles, telematics will enable you to identify which areas are costing you the most and enable you to take measures to avoid them.
The range of features on modern mobiles is astounding and these can be incredibly useful when trying to maintain communication with staff in the field. Mobile phones do have drawbacks when compared to dedicated tracking systems. They can quickly become expensive if call plans are not adhered to and also mobiles won’t help you plan ahead in the same way an integrated tracking and software system will. Mobile phones can always be turned off when workers want to be hidden.

These days this just isn’t the case. We have experience of GPS systems: either in our own cars or with our mobile phones, so the basic ideas behind the technology should already be a familiar to you and to your drivers. Ultimately if you opt for an experienced and reputable tracking company they should provide all the relevant knowledge in terms of both hardware installation and software to get you on the road. Kwiktrak can provide all the data through a simple easy to use App as well.