Tracking Products


The motion vehicle tracking device provides affordable real time tracking, location and fleet management direct to your mobile phone or PC.

Dimensions: 100mm x 60mm x 20mm (L x D x H)
Weight: 100g.
Power Supply: 12vdc to 24vdc

Motion is a state of the art GPS tracking device, offering a full range of tracking and location capabilities for the vehicle owner or fleet manager. Our exclusive, user-friendly software solution, ERA, gives you total flexibility to remotely manage individual units, small or large fleets.

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The asset, self powered GPS tracking and locating device, offers remote security for your unpowererd plant, motor home, caravan and trailer.

Dimensions: 91mm x 39mm x 20mm (L x D x H)
Weight: 90g.
Power Supply: Internal Battery (External power optional 12v to 24v DC)

Asset is a GPS tracking & locating device providing extended security cover, with full SMS messaging and alerting the owner on movement of their asset, supplying the exact location to your phone or pc. Giving you the peace of mind that your valuable ‘assets’ are safe.

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The solo personal tracking and location device offers an affordable solution, for locating and tracking the people you care about.

Dimensions:92mm x 44mm x 18mm (L x D x H)
Weight: 80g.

Solo is a state-of-the-art portable and pocket sized GPS tracking device combining the functionality of a mobile phone with a panic button and SOS capability. It offers cost-effective tracking and location services and has a diverse range of uses, from child protection, elderly, lone worker security and protection, mobile workforce, to sports and outdoor pursuits.

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Our cirrus aviation tracking and location device provides real-time aircraft location and detailed monitoring solutions for your aircraft.

Dimensions: 100mm x 60mm x 20mm (L x D x H)
Weight: 50g.
Power Supply: 12v to 24v DC

Each cirrus unit is a highly sophisticated tracking device. You can track aircraft flightpath, altitude and speed. This tracking device also adds a high level of security and includes motion sensors as well as ignition alerts to ensure aircraft safety.

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