How installing vehicle tracking with Kwiktrak helped our customers.

We like to think we offer the best product, service and helpfullness available - but here are a few comments from a selection of our customers.

Ron Aiken- Chairman Mainline Haulage Ltd.

Mainline Haulage Ltd.

The implementation of the “Kwiktrak” system has been key in helping Mainline to continue its drive for Efficiency.

Having our fleet tracked has cut our out going phone calls by 75% (Achieving a reduction incosts), and has taken away the need to distract a driver by ringing them for updates. We can also give customers accurate, factual information about where vehicles are and their ETA’s.

As a Management tool we can use the tracking system to identify potential problems before they happen, (i.e delayed vehicles) and put new plans in place, whereas previously we had a lot less time to do this not constantly knowing the location of our vehicles.

With “Big Screen” technology the whole office knows the location of all the fleet at all times.

BCE (Civil Engineers)

Within 12 months BCE saw a cost saving in excess of £10,000 using the Kwiktrak system, this has been gained by more efficient route planning, accurate wage costs by knowing when employees arrive at and leave site and a much better work ethic from employees