Vehicle Asset and Tracking Systems by Kwiktrak

Fully integrated web based and client software supported applications


Real time vehicle GPS fleet trackers. Locate on mobile phone or PC.

  • Car
  • Fleet Van to HGV
  • Self Powered Plant
  • Machinery


Full GPS tracking for Non Powered Assets.

  • Caravan & Trailers
  • High Value Items
  • Motor Homes
  • Recreational Vehicles


Personal Tracking device with mobile phone & global positioning

  • Lone Worker
  • Elderly
  • Personal Security
  • Child Protection


Real time location. Situational awareness training or covertly installed for constant monitoring

  • Micro Lite
  • Helecopters
  • Fixed Wing
  • Private Aircraft
The Kwiktrak unit is a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and a data simcard. Kwiktrak units are all equipped with motion sensors so even if the vehicle ignition is not started a tracking report can still be generated.

Kwiktrak Application and features

ERA Software

Allows our customers to track, locate and manage any type of device.

Built with the user in mind it is simple to install and use, with tracking updates at regular intervals, accessed via our full web solution or installed via CD Rom or download.

Kwiktrak GPS

range of real-time GPS Vehicle tracking devices offer cost saving benefits, insurance discounts and reduce overtime claims. Customisable reports will provide VOSA statistics, speed detection alerts, overtime calculations, out of hours usage and fulfil the employers duty of care requirements 24/7, 365 days a year.

Tracking FAQ's

Vehicle Tracking Is Too Expensive
The cost of any investment needs to be weighed against the potential benefits. A basic level of vehicle tracking can cost as little as a few pounds per vehicle a week and the savings in fuel alone can offset this, not to mention the potential savings on overtime, insurance and maintenance.
My Business is Too Small to See Any Real Benefit
No business is too small that it can't save on expenditure! But even if you are running one or two vehicles, telematics will enable you to identify which areas are costing you the most and enable you to take measures to avoid them.
We Already Have Mobiles So We Don't Need Tracking
The range of features on modern mobiles is astounding and these can be incredibly useful when trying to maintain communication with staff in the field. Mobile phones do have drawbacks when compared to dedicated tracking systems. They can quickly become expensive if call plans are not adhered to and also mobiles won't help you plan ahead in the same way an integrated tracking and software system will. Mobile phones can always be turned off when workers want to be hidden.
Tracking Systems Are Too Complicated
These days this just isn't the case. We have experience of GPS systems: either in our own cars or with our mobile phones, so the basic ideas behind the technology should already be a familiar to you and to your drivers. Ultimately if you opt for an experienced and reputable tracking firm they should provide all the relevant knowledge in terms of both hardware installation and software to get you on the road.
They Take Too Much Time to Set Up
With the experience of a provider like Kwiktrak Installation certainly shouldn't take any vehicle off the road for a considerable length of time. If you have a large fleet to look after, find a provider who can provide the skills and advice to make any implementation as efficient and painless as possible. You may find it more financially practical, and in terms of time management, to roll out new hardware over an extended period of time. Ultimately this decision will be down to you and your business requirements.
Won't Tracking Upset My Staff?
There's no reason why it should although the word ‘tracking’ has negative connotations, telematics can enhance employee satisfaction. Very occasionally tracking vehicle data, depending on your business service and where and when it happens, may mean that you are collecting what is defined as 'personal data', this would therefore be covered under the Data Protection Act, which means that as an employer you would have to deal with that information just as you would with any other sensitive data. As long the implementation is made in an upfront and honest fashion you need not have anything to worry about.

Our Technology

The Kwiktrak system allows the user to view, document and monitor any vehicle or asset at any given time. In its simplest form, the unit receives GPS satellite data, sends it to the server via GPRS which then decodes the information and displays it in a viewable format.

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Why it's worth choosing Kwiktrak?

The Kwiktrak system allows the user to view, document and monitor any vehicle or asset at any given time.

Improved Safety

Maintaining a safe fleet helps reduce costly accidents and violations.

Vehicle Visibility, 24/7

Stop losing your drivers. Stay connected every mile of the way.

Decrease Fuel Waste

Get better MPG and less idling per vehicle. Customers report up to 30% in savings.


Software that you can access anywhere and everywhere on, mobile, tablet & desktop devices.