About Tracking

What can Kwiktrak Tracking Systems
do for you & your company?

Kwiktrak offers a fully integrated both web based and client software supported application. The Kwiktrak system allows the user to view, document and monitor any vehicle or asset at any given time.

The Kwiktrak unit contains a global positioning system (GPS) receiver, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and a data simcard. In its simplest form, the unit receives GPS satellite data, sends it to the server via GPRS which then decodes the information and displays it in a viewable format. Kwiktrak units are all equipped with motion sensors so even if the vehicle ignition is not started a tracking report can still be generated

1Why use Tracking?
The use of vehicle and asset tracking can be beneficial to individuals & fleets in many different ways. A small selection of these include from the point of view of security, business efficiency (fuel usage, nearest vehicle to a job), government regulations regarding driving time regulations, taxation on business and private mileage, hourly usage on hired machinery. Benefits of Tracking in different environments:
2Fleet Management:
When a job comes through, always send your nearest vehicle, monitor “heavy Fuel users”, set tracking with MOT/Service schedules, Use tracking as a clocking in/out tool. “Geo fence” your vehicles so your alerted when they leave the working area.
3Plant or other machinery Hire:
If your plant is hired out on a daily basis and charged for based on an 8 hr day.... How do you know it’s not going to work overnight on another site, eg motorway, roadwork's? In effect putting 2 days wear on the machine when only one has been charged for???
4Valuable Asset Tracking:
Take your prize possession to a track day. Come out of the hotel and its gone!!!! Know within in seconds its location direct to your mobile phone the detail.